Hello and welcome! My name is Anton Kicker. I am a wedding fine art film photographer based in Hong Kong and available for destination weddings.

Already more than 7 years photography is a big part of my life. I am very glad that I found myself in this type of visual art, because very important to do that what you truly love and what you really inspire. It's big happiness and big luck actually.


I work together with my wife Tina, she is my main mastermind and priceless assistant. Her view of the organization and shooting process very important in our work. We love the European fine art film photography. Now we are creative tandem and complementing each other, we strive to create beautiful photos for our clients. 

We love film photography for a special atmosphere, beautiful colours, soft image and balance, for latitude and also because film photos look like an oil painting and it's very exciting! The style of our photos is soft, romantic, full of emotions and aesthetics.

However, for us, very important to capture the many best moments, emotions and atmosphere of a wedding day or pre-wedding shooting, for this reason, we also use digital cameras.


It is wonderful to capture special moments in people´s lives on the camera. That´s what makes us happy – the day after day.


Thank you for taking the time to view my work and please contact me if you would like some information on availability and pricing.